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Coaching and Consultancy for a New Age

We believe that your employees' day-to-day experience within your company is the key to your business reaching its full potential. Things are different now. Organizations of all sizes are staring down a business landscape that is virtually unrecognizable. Is your employee culture what you need it to be in a post-pandemic world? Are you committed to making it the best it can be? We can help.

Learn about our tailored approach to each individual and organization.  
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We help you remove obstacles and

build clear pathways

to success through organizational learning and change strategies founded on coaching principles.

Remove your Real and Perceived Limitations

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Service Offerings

Your Path Forward


Individual, Team & Culture Assessments

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument is administered by trained professionals all over the world and is the most widely used personality assessment of its kind. It is based on well-researched and validated work related to personality theory and has proven applications and outcomes in a variety of fields, including:

  • Human resources: improving employee engagement and retention

  • Organizational development: increasing effectiveness through diversified planning

  • Management consulting: improving company-wide performance

  • Personal coaching: enhancing personal and professional development

  • Leadership development: providing a common language for supporting teams

  • Team building: developing greater mutual respect, appreciation, and support

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Coaching 1:1

Make the Time to Get Unstuck!

Coaching is the catalyst that empowers executives and teams to fulfill their professional potential through:

  • Goal-setting and attainment planning 

  • Uncovering and addressing hidden derailers and blockages 

  • Discovering and enhancing strengths 

  • Developing new knowledge and skills

  • Establishing a new growth and learning mindset

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Improving Team Collaboration

Craft an Exceptional Team by Design

Great teams are not an accident! Effective teams don't just materialize because people are working together in groups or on shared projects. The best teams are purposefully crafted, cultivated, and structured for continuous productivity.

Clear pathways of communication and more productive interpersonal exchanges of information result in more constructive and profitable work. And, let's face it - more meaningful work! It isn't easy to build a great team or make an existing one better, but don't worry, we'll help you get there.

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Real-World Experience + Rigorous Training

We get it. We've been there. And, we know how to chart the path forward.
Put our many years of successful business experience, strategic focus, and tested methodologies to work for you!


Our Founder

For over 20-years, Wes Ehnert successfully coached and trained sales executives, managers, and teams at two

Fortune 500 media companies in major U.S. markets.

He now leverages that real world experience along with powerful, dynamic training methods to empower and motivate people to overcome challenges and tap their high-performance potential.

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Organizational & Leadership Coaching Certification from Northwestern University.

Career experience alone is not enough to be a valued coach. It is critical that a coach truly understand the science of how and why people and organizations learn and change. This requires a rigorous coaching education as a foundation. 

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Client Testimonials

Straight from the Source

“Wes  is warm, curious, open and non-judgmental, and has a way of making other people feel inherently valuable and important. I can't imagine a better foundation for coaching! Over the years that Wes and I worked together, he was one of my most trusted confidants. He always helped me see situations from a totally different perspective, challenging all of my inner narratives and helping me detach from perceptions and see something closer to truth. When he had constructive feedback to give me, it never felt like criticism or negativity; rather it felt like a gift, something meant to enlighten me and help me become a better version of myself. Wes's amazing insight into people combined with his ability to listen generously and truly be in the moment with them creates a space for discovery and opens the door to real personal and professional growth. He has a special talent for helping others see what they can't see on their own; I learn something new in every conversation with Wes, and I always feel uplifted after spending time with him.”

Amy Bobchek, Senior VP, Growth at EVERFI

“If you are looking for an intuitive, smart, empathetic and kind coach, call Wes. He is a great sounding board, who taught me how to pause before reacting and how to acknowledge my emotions, not to ignore them and more importantly not to let them define me.
He reinforced the importance of self-compassion and provided tools and resources for me to study and reflect upon. I am more calm and patient with myself than ever before.”

 -Amy Wood, Manager-Account Development, OpenText

“Wes is an easy person to talk to! He creates a safe and comfortable environment right from the start (which can be hard to do when you haven’t met someone and you’re connecting via video)
Wes is a great listener and is able to help you double-click on certain ideas to deepen your reflection and understanding. For example, I’ll say something that I don’t think has much meaning and he’ll repeat it and say something like “let’s dig into that a little more” and by the end we’ve uncovered something really interesting.
I appreciated when Wes mentioned models/tools/frameworks to help guide thinking
Wes pulled in some interesting analogies and metaphors during our conversations! Sometimes I didn’t know where they were going to take us, but they created a shared language for us to continue to dive deeper.
I appreciated that Wes continued to emphasize that the sessions were for me, so we didn’t have to follow a certain script or guideline.
Overall, I found coaching sessions with Wes to be beneficial and impactful. Wes is a calming presence with lots of wisdom. He was a thoughtful listener and was able to connect noteworthy themes throughout our sessions. Thank you, Wes!”

-Student, MSLOC, Northwestern University

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